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View of Mt. Fuji from the Five Lakes area

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So, I woke up this morning with a pretty bad headache & if you know me (Lisa) at all, you’d know that I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life.  I don’t want to turn this into a post about how I hate feeling yucky, but it has gotten both of us thinking about how we’ll have to push through those not-so-fun yucky feelings on the road. 

To sum up our ailments, I get the migraines, I have a bad back (scoliosis) & Corey’s back acts up every now & again as well, on rare occasions he gets nose bleeds which tend to be pretty severe and we both seem to be developing seasonal allergies.  That’s all I can think of right now, but these small things can make any normal day feel miserable & never-ending. 

We really want to go to places of high elevation: Machu Picchu, The Himalayas, Mt. Fuji, just to name a few. With high elevations comes altitude sickness for those who are not used to the thin air & lack of oxygen.  

One of the common side effects of altitude sickness is severe headaches to which there are many solutions, but still. . . I don’t even want to think about hiking to destination “X” and not being able to enjoy the experience because my head is throbbing.  We will attempt to go to every site that we’re dying to see, but where do we say, “that’s it, we need to turn back“?  Right now I’m wrapped up in a blanket, trying to keep my eyes open because the light seems to be burning my retinas, so it’s hard to visualize myself hiking in a constant drizzle, not knowing if we’re close to the top, having a hard time breathing all while feeling this way.

A sign warning of altitude sickness at the Mou...

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And that’s just one scenario!  What if one of our backs go out while we’re trying to find accommodation, still wearing our huge packs, in a new, unfamiliar city?  What if Corey gets a bloody nose while we’re on a train with no TP & we’ve used all of our backup tissues?  What if we’re allergic to some flower in Africa that doesn’t exist here & we have nothing to stop the constant sneezing & itchy eyes? 

We realize that this list could go on for days & that we probably sound more like our parents then two 20-somethings ready to explore the world, but we do want to be prepared.  And, let’s face it, we always seem to get sick at the worst time possible!  That’s just how life is, so we’d like to at least be aware of the possibility that we may not be able to accomplish everything we set out to do. 

All that being said, we know that whether we’re sick or well, tired or energetic, scared or completely willing, that we will have good days and bad days on the road.  We’ll have to suck it up and solider through during rough times in order to completely enjoy and cherish the good.  Life is struggle and we know that our trip will be no different.

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I had an idea a few weeks back about what we can do when we meet people on the road who we’d like to keep in touch with.  I can’t wait to meet other travelers and hopefully be able to keep up with their travels, too!  If I feel like that, then they may feel the same way.  So, I created a little leave behind card.  It’s the same size as a business card, but with less information. 

Leave Behind

What do you guys think?  I’ve only printed a handful because I need some feedback.  Let’s take a vote:

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