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Week 14 - Skyline Drive - San Rafael, Argentina

Week 14 – Skyline Drive – San Rafael, Argentina

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We knew that we’d be spending a while in Salta from the minute we drove in to town.  Which is pretty odd on our part considering that is was dark, rainy & chilly when we arrived.  But, there was just something about Salta that made us want to stay for a bit.


Overall, the weather was nice & humid, which we LOVE!


The views are absolutely breathtaking!



The food is awesome!




The street art is diverse, eye-catching & unique!





We haven’t gotten sick!


Every city has some quirks that come with the territory & we definitely had a hard time with a few of these things in Salta.

The daily pace: it sounds like this may be an Argentinian thing, but do to a late & LONG siesta, the people party super late into the early (late?) morning hours.  Siesta starts around 2:00 PM & lasts until 6:00/7:00(ish) PM.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that locals (& travelers alike) are getting ready to go out at 2:00 AM!  If you get in at 4:30 in the monring, you’re the party pooper!

Argentinian Spanish: this is another one of those random things that we didn’t think to research, because we assumed that all South American countries (not including Portuguese speaking Brazil) spoke the same type of Spanish!  For the most part, we were both doing pretty well in terms of basic communication in Bolivia. However, it’s a whole other ballgame in Argentina & I can’t even carry on a basic conversation without asking the locals to repeat themselves.  While the people are patient with my Spanish, it has been quite a challenge!


All in all, we spent 15 days in Salta and it is the first city that we’ve actually considered a potential place we could call home.  I’m sure there will be other destinations that give it a run for it’s money, but Salta was a great introduction to Argentina!

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