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Almost every travel book, blog and message board that I have come across has suggested that bringing small gifts along is a great idea for your trip.  Whether you plan on doing homestays or not, it’s still good to have some trinket or memento that reflects who you are.  It shows respect for the people who let you stay in their home & appreciation for your fellow road mates.  Based solely on the experiences of other travelers I’ve seen a wide range of the type of gifts that people bring.  They seem to range anywhere from pens to key chains to cigarettes.  One guy, Erick Trinidad, even handed out a book that he helped write – of course he didn’t give that to every person he met on the road, but to the people who helped him along the way.

 Corey & I have discussed this briefly & the one thing that we both agreed upon was that we want it to have a personal touch, something that others may not think to give as a gift.  Don’t get me wrong, the gifts above are great, but we want to give something that might actually help people to remember us.  The gift can be given to someone who allows us to stay in their home, to a fellow traveler or even to some local kids. 

 So, what did we ultimately decide to hand out to our future acquaintances? 

 We both agreed that friendship bracelets/necklaces would be our main gift to give.  They’re small, light weight, easy to make & will give me something to do while we’re in commute on long train/bus rides.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t happy that someone gave me a friendship bracelet.  They have many uses: bracelet (duh!), zipper-pull, bookmark, hair tie, key chain accessory and the list goes on!  Plus, I’ve already got a stash in our apartment!  The only thing that Corey noticed is that I need to work on using more masculine colors.

 So, what do you think?  Would you want something like this as a keepsake?  Would you hate it?  To those of you who have done your trip already, what was your gift, if any?

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