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We just wanted to let all our readers know that we’ve been in San Rafael, Argentina for 15 days now, volunteering with a British-American family.  We’re having a blast & plan to stay until the end of January/beginning of February.  That being said, the internet comes & goes as it pleases, so we’ll post when we can!

Until then, here are some of our favorite photos from San Rafael:

SR GreenGiant

SR Tiv and Catorce



SR Blanco

SR Pandy


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Week 6 - Statuesque - Salta, Argentina

Week 6 – Statuesque – Salta, Argentina

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I’ve been wanting to upload these for a while, but the whole computer situation slowed things down.  Moving forward, I’ll try my best to post the best photo of each week on a weekly, if not more regular, basis.  Without further ado, here are the best photos from the first 5 weeks of our South American adventure:

Week 1 - Little One - La Paz, Bolivia

Week 1 – Little One – La Paz, Bolivia

Week 2 - Reflection - La Paz, Bolivia

Week 2 – Reflection – La Paz, Bolivia

Week 3 - Las Botas - Samaipata, Bolivia

Week 3 – Las Botas – Samaipata, Bolivia

Week 4 - Untitled - Samaipata, Bolivia

Week 4 – Untitled – Samaipata, Bolivia

Week 5 - Untitled - Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Week 5 – Untitled – Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Even though it isn’t the most beautiful city, La Paz has really grown on us . . . here are some photos from our many walk-abouts:

We still have a few posts to write for La Paz, but tomorrow we’ll be taking our first long bus ride to Santa Cruz de la Sierra . . . wish us luck!

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So, we’re down to our last month in the States.  We’ve got 2 more weeks in Wisconsin & then we’re off to North Carolina for another 2 weeks.  Our employers have been notified and the trip actually feels like it’s within reach! Here are some of the things we’ve been up to lately:


We’ve been out of the apartment for about 2 weeks now & living with the senior Waller’s, aka Corey’s parents.  John, my father-in-law, and Jared, my brother-in-law, have made many improvements our old apartment & Corey even did a back-splash in the kitchen.

John & Jared are in the process of putting in a new floor

Corey’s back-splash in our old kitchen


We’ve placed lots of items on Craig’s List – if you’re in the market for some furniture drop us a line.  Between that & the 3 rummage/moving sales, we’ve already made about $800.  Who knew & we’ve got 3 more days left to sell: today & next weekend.  Wish us luck!

moving sale

We’ve also made several (at least 15) trips to Good Will in the past month or so, which is where we’ll send most of the stuff we can’t sell before we leave.

Some photos from our 2nd rummage/moving sale

Need a bed or a desk set?


I think we’re finally done with all of our trip purchases . . . Tickets to Bolivia? Check! Travel clothes & gear? Yup! Electronics? Squared away! Kindles books? Downloaded!  There are some items that need to be exchanged, but that can be taken care of in one quick trip to REI.


This is something that I’ve been anxious to do for a while now.  I spoke with a friend on Skype once, he was in South Korea & called me on my cell phone.  I wanted to make sure that we’d be tech-savy enough to make the call on our end.  Turns out that its super easy.  Got to talk to my parents yesterday & they could see & hear me!  Pretty cool considering that the last time we saw each other in person was almost 2 years ago!

Other Miscellaneous Trip Stuff:

We had a super fun photo shoot with our best gal pal Lisa!  She’s responsible for 3 of the 4 photos in our new blog banner and her photos are on our leave behind cards!

This is one of our favorites from the shoot!

Leave Behind Cards

The bank account we’ve been using for 5 years has been closed & we opened up an account with Charles Schwab.  After doing tons of research on banks, it became clear early on that we’d be going with Schwab.  All ATM fees will be reimbursed?  Heck Yeah!

We’ve purchased Inter-American driver’s licenses.  For just $15/license we can drive anywhere in South America.  We want to keep major cities as hubs & take day trips while we’re on the road.  Plus, it can’t hurt to have another form of ID.

Time’s flying and, for the most part, everything’s been running smoothly.  Right now we’re focusing on enjoying the time we have left with our loved ones & trying our best to get everything taken care of before we leave.  We can’t wait to hit the road & share our many mis-adventures with you . . . Happy Sunday!

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