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Last week I decided to take a day trip to Alta Gracia by myself.  Corey hadn’t slept well the night before, but we’d already made plans for our last day in the Cordoba area. So, I figured why not do the journey on my own!  It only cost 105 Argentinian Pesos (about $21US) for my whole day, which basically entailed museum admission fees and transportation.

AG bus station

Plus, I got a nice deal on a 3-in-1 day pass to the following museums:

Casa del Che Museo


motorcycle diaries

Lil Che

Manuel de Falla Museo

Casa de Manuel Falla II

type it up


La Pena de Gabriel Dubios

Casa de Gabriel Dubois

Dubois Museo

While it would’ve been more fun if Corey tagged along, I still had a nice time.  Plus, it showed me that I can travel independently, which I’d never truly done on my own before!

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