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For starters, we’d like to apologize for how quite it’s been lately.  We’ve been so busy preparing for our big adventure that we’ve neglected the blog.  If I could, I’d promise that it will never happen again.  But, to be honest, things have been pretty hectic & it’ll probably happen again!  Every week night we try to do something travel related, which includes some of the following activities: read travel books & blogs, post belongings on Craig’s List, add things to our never-ending “To Do” list. 

So me big-ticket items that we can cross off the list include:

  1. Purchasing our flight to Raleigh (no longer driving due to high rental car fees)
  2. Purchasing our flight from Raleigh to La Paz, Bolivia
  3. Booking our first 2 nights in La Paz 
  4. First round of vaccinations (Hep B for Corey, Yellow Fever & Typhoid for both of us)

As you can imagine, our weekends have been pretty crazy, as well!  We’ve gone through our stuff the past 3 weekends & made several trips to Good Will.  We’ve taken photos of every possible item we can imagine that someone might want to buy & put together a list of prices that we think we’ll be able to get for them.  Only 6 of those items have actually been posted online, because our computer kinda stinks.  Which brings us to another item we’ll be researching soon: a lightweight computer for the trip.  We went to Best Buy back in June (just to look), but we’ll need to make this decision soon & I think it’ll be one of the harder choices to make.  We’ve had horrible luck with computers in the past, so any suggestions are welcome!

bonfire from earlier this summer

We had a faux camping trip last weekend & I didn’t even take pictures!  That’s right, zero photos from our pretend jaunt deep into the Waller Wilderness (not that deep & not really wild).  We had a campfire (photo above from another campfire), set up the tent & camped under the stars (photo below from 2 weekends back).  We did end up making a few trips back to the apartment, but all & all it was a good experiment.  We learned two great lessons for future trips: 1) we should always clear the area before putting up the tent & 2) we should always make sure that our heads are not facing downhill while we sleep!

shooting star from bonfire earlier this summer

It’s been a bit chilly, so we even got to test some of our warmer clothing & we’re definitely happy with our Smartwool long johns & socks! 

We really are hoping to keep you guys as up-to-date as possible on our activities, but there’s just a LOT going on right now.  Feels a bit like we’re living double-lives.  And, as crazy as things are now, it’s only going to get more hectic as the trip draws near.  Stay tuned and for now we’ll leave you with this photo of our silly cat, who apparently wants to be sold along with this lovely basket!

cat not for sale

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We finally had some time to set up our tent on Saturday:

For now we’re calling her Big Agnes (we know, not very orignal considering that’s the brand, but let us know if you have any other suggestions).  She was the easiest tent I ever helped put up & we did it in under 12 minutes.  The reviews said once you get used to setting up, it should only take about 5 minutes. That’s fine by us!

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So, Corey decided to look back on the last year and see just how far we’ve come in terms of saving.  Turns out, we’re doing better than we thought!  In 2010 we were able to save less than a 1/4 of the money we planned to save.  It seems as though we really didn’t start saving until March and it doesn’t help that we took a trip to Raleigh for the holidays.  In the last 6 months alone we’ve been able save that same amount.  At this point we are past the halfway mark, which means that if we keep up this pace (knock on/touch wood), we’ll actually be over our initial goal for this big trip! 

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins
Image by epSos.de via Flickr


We’ve also been going through our gear and we’ve crossed most of the big-ticket items off our list.  We got our tent last night from REI!  We’re hoping to do a test run in the next couple of days.  Thank goodness REI has a great return policy, so if it’s not the perfect fit for us, we can always exchange it for another one.  Here’s to hoping that we made the right choice.  Anyone have any feedback on the Big Agnus Copper Spur UL2?

Anyway, some of the remaining big-ticket items will be coming to us as Christmas presents from family members or each other.  We found our sleeping bags which Corey’s parents have graciously offered to get us.  Corey’s got his eyes on the REI Halo +25 & I fell in love with Marmot’s Ouray +0 (I get cold VERY easily).  I’ll probably get Corey his Kindle for Christmas & we still need to invest in an external hard drive.  We’ll need a netbook/tablet & travel clothes (all of which we won’t purchase until we’re about 2-3 months away from our trip), camera accessories, toiletries and other small miscellaneous items (like duct tape,  zip ties, sunscreen, bug spray, etc).

Some of you may have noticed that our gear list has grown a bit & it’s due to the decision to make camping a bigger part of the trip.  The idea is that the more we camp, the more money we’ll save on the road and the longer we’ll be able to travel.  That’s our theory anyway . . . we’ll see what happens!

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